NurseWatch is Congratulated on Receiving its HWEI Submission Results for 2024

ACON Pride in Health HWEI

NurseWatch has received its 2024 HWEI (Health & Wellbeing Equality Index) Submission results from ACON and congratulations were given to the NurseWatch team for its hard work throughout 2023 and for continuing its commitment to inclusivity and safe work practices. ACON, which runs this Pride Inclusion Program, stated on its Pride in Health website: “A […]

Joyce Cheng’s Paper Reveals the Full Story Behind NurseWatch

Joyce Cheng Paper

PMGM7003EProf. Simon Lam11th May 2023When talking about ageing and elderly care, often the stereotypical image that comes to mind is one of socially isolated older people sitting around and living out the rest of their days, in and out of hospitals. This is not what Kate Alexander had in mind when she founded NurseWatch, a […]

In Focus: NurseWatch

Global-Mark Standard

(This article has been republished from Global-Mark’s website – click here.) 12 February, 2024 Health, Quality, Environment & WHS, Success of Clients Builds a Strong Company Framework Innovative aged care company, NurseWatch, attained its achieved its ISO 9001 certification from Global-Mark in 2019 because the company’s founder, Kate Alexander, felt this internationally recognised standard for […]

NurseWatch Providing Supportive Aged Care at Home

Business & Lifestyle Concierge

In our search for the delivery of high level services for our Business & Lifestyle Concierge members, we are so incredibly fortunate to meet and work with people that built a business to change the lives of their clients. One such person, is Kate Alexander the CEO of NurseWatch, who along with her team focus […]

Kate Alexander Is One Of Australia’s 22.3% Of Female Founders

Kate Spurway, CEO of NurseWatch

Australia is not known for an abundance of female founders of new companies. The latest figures from the Startup Muster report show female founders are at around 22.3% and male founders at 77.15% so there’s still a long way to go before women are starting up as many companies as men. But Kate Alexander is […]

An icon of quality. The story of the NurseWatch brand.

When we decided to create a business to improve the care of others, it was essential that everything we did reflected the premium quality and attention to detail you experience every time you work with us because this is what the NurseWatch brand stood for. It made sense then that the NurseWatch logo was designed […]

NurseWatch talking with Maggie Beer on Q&A.

The NurseWatch team were there at the ABC studios on Monday night when Q&A took an in-depth look at the Aged Care sector and what needs improving. The panel included our very own favourite chef and restaurateur, Maggie Beer, along with consumer advocate Sarah Holland-Batt, the CEO of Leading Age Services Australia Sean, Rooney, the […]

NurseWatch wins DrivenXDesign Award for My Father is My Hero video

It’s been a year since Cord & Berg made this video about NurseWatch and, when it was released, it won the DrivenXDesign Award for Marketing – Film, Video, Viral. When you take a look here you can see why. Kate Spurway is the CEO of NurseWatch – a premium aged care solution which offers Wellness, […]

Kevin Condon talks with Channel 7 about working with NurseWatch

Mature age models are all the rage right now and this includes Kevin Condon who’s featured in NurseWatch’s marketing material quite a few times. Here he talks with The Daily Edition about what it’s like being a mature-age model and how he enjoyed working on the NurseWatch shoot. You’ll also find out why mature age […]

NurseWatch: A new aged-care-at-home service

The number of Australians receiving home care packages is growing at a record annual growth rate of 29 per cent as reported in the Home Care Packages Data Report (1st Quarter 2018-19, and there are currently at least 69,000 older Australians waiting for their approved level home care package. At a time where a high […]