Our Code of Conduct

01 Ethical Behaviour

We practise ethical behaviour in every situation. Applying ACWA’s principles of social inclusion, equity, individual worth and human dignity in all day to day professional practise, regardless of race, religion, gender or age.

02 Diversity

We work within a diverse community, responding appropriately, and with sensitivity to diversity in all its forms. We recognise personal values and bias and take steps to safeguard against any adverse impact these might have on a client’s or colleague’s right to the service.

03 Professional Standing

A responsibility to know, understand and work within the ethical norms of our profession, representing the interests 
of clients and colleagues at all times. Compassionaires should therefore practise with integrity, maintain professional and personal boundaries, and seek support and guidance when necessary.

04 Professional Development

Education does not cease upon graduation. We acknowledge personal responsibility and accountability for actions, decisions and professional development. We seek the opportunity to upskill and address knowledge gaps – remedying these with training, supervision and mentoring.

05 Quality Management

NurseWatch is accredited to the ISO9001 Quality Management Systems, meaning that in every area of our operations we are dedicated to providing the highest quality care.