Juggling careers and care is a reality for many. One in ten Australians are informal carers, balancing careers and care for loved ones, NurseWatch offers a solution to mitigate the mental load of providing informal care and maintaining workplace leadership via its employee benefits scheme. The NurseWatch Employee Support Program (NESP) helps to map a complete care-giving journey for employers, employees and their family.

A care-based employee benefits scheme

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The NurseWatch (NESP) is a revolutionary benefits scheme that helps businesses promote an engaged workplace culture that values employee wellbeing while boosting engagement and productivity. 

The NurseWatch Employee Support Program allows employees to customise sophisticated care packages based on an employee’s personal family care needs. Highly trained staff and qualified nurses work with the family to anticipate and action the required needs to ease the mental load and stress of informal care. 

NESP promotes deep and engaged culture within the workplace – an important and vital component to fostering healthy and effective work environments. Employees maintain healthy family and working relationships while NurseWatch maintains a caring personalised service through wellness and tailored support packages. 

NESP is designed to form part of an employment package, enabling fringe benefits and making it easier to manage care from a financial planning perspective. Less time spent on carers’ leave leads to increased productivity and mental wellbeing – keeping employees happy and engaged, while acknowledging the important roles staff play outside of work, and what they value most.

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