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12 February, 2024 Health, Quality, Environment & WHS, Success of Clients

NurseWatch Wellness Care

Builds a Strong Company Framework

Innovative aged care company, NurseWatch, attained its achieved its ISO 9001 certification from Global-Mark in 2019 because the company’s founder, Kate Alexander, felt this internationally recognised standard for quality management was important because it assures clients that NurseWatch adheres to strict standards of safety within the workplace.

According to Ms Alexander: “ISO 9001 certification has built a strong framework of consistent quality within our company. It ensures we provide care and services in the correct manner to our NurseWatch community.”

“The certification helps us to continuously build and improve a sustainable and resilient business,” she says.

Ms Alexander adds: “I feel confident because from very early on—virtually from day one—I’ve been making sure we have these accreditations There’s plenty of companies out there doing home care but I wanted to do something more.”

Providing a new model of care

NurseWatch is a healthcare company catering to the growing number of Baby Boomers requiring care in the home. Currently, aged care is booming in Australia and Ms Alexander was motivated to provide a care-in-the-home company to cater for these boomers. So, she started NurseWatch with a model of healthcare which is in tune with the Australian government’s recent initiative to move 80% of aged care into the home by 2050.

“We understand the current mindset of ageing people,” says Ms Alexander. “NurseWatch’s model is focused around affordable, premium care in the home because people want to remain living in their own homes for longer.”

“At NurseWatch we’re set up to help people access quality care at home so they can age gracefully and comfortably in their own home and not have to move out to an aged care facility,” she adds.

Ms Alexander says the majority of staff at NurseWatch are qualified, experienced nurses who can provide premium medical care but at the same time, also help facilitate enjoyable social experiences such as yoga and massage for their clients.

“Live it up, with our support,”- Founder and CEO of NurseWatch, Kate Alexander.

Another advantage of the way NurseWatch is set up is the fact clients are able to book small blocks of care or extended periods—whatever they need. “We work when our clients need us, around the clock,” Ms Alexander says.

NurseWatch provides regular wellness sessions and these can be booked online on the NurseWatch website. By using this service, people can access instant, unlimited quality care in the home, at any time 24/7.

For more information on NurseWatch, click here.

Or call the NurseWatch team for more information on (02) 9167 8129.

Kate Alexander, Founder and CEO of NurseWatch

For more information on NurseWatch, click here.
Or call the NurseWatch team for more information on (02) 9167 8129.

This article has been republished from Global-Mark’s website. To see the story, click here.