An icon of quality. The story of the NurseWatch brand.


When we decided to create a business to improve the care of others, it was essential that everything we did reflected the premium quality and attention to detail you experience every time you work with us because this is what the NurseWatch brand stood for.

It made sense then that the NurseWatch logo was designed as a recognisable icon of quality with an injection of personality to represent the wonderful background of our founder and CEO, Kate Spurway.

The story behind our logo

The traditional nurse’s hat pays tribute to Kate’s many years of nursing and reinforces the quality of care that nurses pride themselves on offering which is a part of the NurseWatch brand.

The eye beneath celebrates both the watchful attention of traditional nursing care, as well as Kate’s Greek and Jewish heritage, where the eye is an ancient symbol of protection to watch over you.

“Wellness Care Social” refers to NurseWatch’s unique trademarked model of care that merges premium medical and nursing care with social experiences and wellness services tailored to the individual. This holistic, person-centred care is part of the NurseWatch experience and ensures everyone we care for can live their best life possible at every stage of their health journey.

According to Jeff Ginsberg, Creative Director at the talented team at Cord & Berg who designed our logo, “The blue colour scheme blends trust and safety with technology which is the cornerstone of NurseWatch’s booking system, while the luminosity and warmth of the blues were chosen to reflect NurseWatch’s innovative service offering and reinforce their focus on reimagining aged care and health care in general.”

The NurseWatch logo was also designed to be easily identifiable as an icon of quality by any age group on any device – wherever it is seen, which is so important as we service clients of all ages and want to reassure them that they are in the best company possible whenever they work with us.

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NurseWatch offer premium quality wellness and personalised care services in the home and in the office in convenient time blocks that you can easily book online.

To explore the type of tailored Wellness and Care Program we can offer yourself, your employees or your loved ones, so that you can all live your best life at any stage of your health journey, contact Kate Spurway directly on 0417 276 572, email or book here.

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