NurseWatch is Congratulated on Receiving its HWEI Submission Results for 2024

ACON Pride in Health HWEI

NurseWatch has received its 2024 HWEI (Health & Wellbeing Equality Index) Submission results from ACON and congratulations were given to the NurseWatch team for its hard work throughout 2023 and for continuing its commitment to inclusivity and safe work practices.

ACON, which runs this Pride Inclusion Program, stated on its Pride in Health website: “A huge congratulations on your work throughout 2023, another exceptional year across the health sector. The fact that you continued your commitment to LGBTQ+ inclusion within your organisation and completed your HWEI is wonderful to see. ”

ACON added: “Once again this year, we had a significant number of organisations participating in the benchmarking index. We also saw an increase in the average scores and an increase in tier entry points.”

HWEI Pride in Health NurseWatch
Nursewatch achieved its HWEI (Health & Wellbeing Equality Index) once again this year.

NurseWatch’s HWEI Results

NurseWatch received its HWEI Scorecard for the year which details all the areas where NurseWatch had done well in LGBTQ-inclusive service and workforce inclusion. There were lots of comments and feedback – and a digital badge was awarded to NurseWatch for its tier achievement.

Jerson Cruz, the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Officer for NurseWatch, said: “Completing our HWEI is a great addition to our portfolio, and indirectly, we are making the public aware that this company is an inclusive place. It’s good when people see all the accreditations like this which we’ve been working to achieve over time.”

“We are a place that supports diversity and inclusion,” Jerson added. “We have produced a lot of material for our staff and our clients – and it shows we are making sure we are friendly in terms of this type of culture.”

PIHW Awards Badges
This is the HWEI badge NurseWatch received as a HWEI Participating Service Provider.

The HWEI is an Index Benchmarking PowerPoint

The annual Health + Wellbeing Equality Index (HWEI) has been designed by ACON as a FREE tool to assess and benchmark LGBTQ-inclusive service provision and workforce inclusion amongst health, wellbeing, and human service providers.

Debrief Sessions and Analysis

For all Pride in Health + Wellbeing members – and NurseWatch is one – ACON encouraged members to review these HWEI results with their Relationship Manager, for more ongoing support and guidance in their LGBTQ+ inclusion endeavours.

As a closing gesture, ACON stated: “On behalf of the Pride in in Health + Wellbeing, we would like to thank you for your commitment to Australian LGBTQ+ inclusion, equality and equity; and for participating in this important benchmarking Index. ​​​​​”

For more information on these awards and indexes, go to the Pride in Health website here.

For more information from NurseWatch about what they do, visit here.