NurseWatch wins DrivenXDesign Award for My Father is My Hero video


It’s been a year since Cord & Berg made this video about NurseWatch and, when it was released, it won the DrivenXDesign Award for Marketing – Film, Video, Viral. When you take a look here you can see why.

Kate Spurway is the CEO of NurseWatch – a premium aged care solution which offers Wellness, Care and Social services within the comfort of the home. The company was relatively new when it was launched last year and the type of service, as well as the ability to book care online was in uncharted territory. Kate commissioned the company Cord & Berg to make the video with the brief to show people the new care model. The team on the project was: Jeffrey Ginsburg, Samantha Cordingley, Rachel Mackay and production partner: Symmetry Media.

The message
Being the primary carer for a parent, your relationship suffers because most of your time is spent running errands and looking after medical needs. You become a carer, not a daughter or son, and without human connection, the person you’re caring for can become lonely and depressed. The daily tasks which pile up can mean you miss the opportunity to simply enjoy some time with your loved one. And when you walk out that door to get on with your day, leaving them on their own, the sense of guilt that follows can be heartbreaking.The team making the video knew they needed to get this message across to their audience.

The response to the video has been an emotional one– often bringing a tear and a smile to the viewer’s eye as they think about their own parents. Rather than dwell on the problem, the video chooses to focus on the extra time and joy the service brings to the person making the booking and the parent. This award celebrates creative and innovative visual and audio corporate communications with an emphasis on design values.

Still the same message overall

A year down the track, NurseWatch is still here helping clients who want to focus on their relationship with their loved one, rather than spending all their valuable time on daily administration and care. As NurseWatch says on its website:

We will do all the work, so you can be yourself with your hero. If you need help and you’d like to book in, just visit us here.