99-Year-Old Robert Bee is Living the Dream with NurseWatch

Robert Bee uses NurseWatch

Robert Bee is a retired Qantas pilot and at 99 years of age, he can look back over a very enjoyable life. He’s chosen to stay living in his own home in Sydney, with his wife, Joy. They can do this because they’ve hired NurseWatch to help them ‘live the dream’ and stay at home […]

NurseWatch partners with The Australian Ballet

Late last year, a very special group of the more experienced members of the Jewish community had the opportunity to participate in an exclusive dance workshop with the Australian Ballet in the same rehearsal room in the Sydney Opera House that the dancers from the ballet Sylvia practise in, thanks to the generosity of on […]

A guide to supporting elder spirituality

A new free guide from Meaningful Ageing Australia outlining ways to incorporate spirituality into care for frail, older people launched this week. The guide, which lists NurseWatch as one of the companies who gave input, is now available on the Meaningful Ageing website. The guide includes several scenarios centred around reflective listening by aged care […]

Dance with The Australian Ballet

Have you always harboured a secret desire to be a ballet dancer? Many of us have or we simply like to express ourselves through dance. Well now’s your chance. The Australian Ballet and NurseWatch have partnered to host special dance workshops so senior people can positively engage in ballet at the iconic Sydney Opera House. […]

NSW Seniors Festival Comedy Show

The NSW Seniors Festival has started and the Comedy Show at Sydney’s Town Hall was a big hit today. Well-known comedian and ABC radio host, Wendy Harmer, hosted the event, enjoying herself immensely as she entertained the packed venue. In her opening speech, Wendy told the audience she doesn’t bother trying to look young these […]

Top tips to stay smart during the holiday season

Christmas is just about here and most of us are going to lots of get-togethers and parties over the festive season. While over indulging in food can make you feel unwell, if you over indulge in alcohol, it can make you more prone to an accident or a fall, so here’s some tips for smart […]

Top tips to stay healthy during the Festive Season

Yes, it’s that time of year again – the festive season where it’s time for all those Christmas parties and get-togethers where you’ll be offered more rich food and alcohol than at any other time of the year. So what can you do to make sure you don’t put on all the weight you kept […]