NSW Seniors Festival Comedy Show


The NSW Seniors Festival has started and the Comedy Show at Sydney’s Town Hall was a big hit today. Well-known comedian and ABC radio host, Wendy Harmer, hosted the event, enjoying herself immensely as she entertained the packed venue.

In her opening speech, Wendy told the audience she doesn’t bother trying to look young these days and instead she just tells everyone she’s 75 and they say: “Wow, you look really young for your age!”

Nude calendar in the pipeline for Wendy

Wendy added she’s planning to do a nude calendar in a similar fashion to Dannii Minogue who posed nude but hid some of her private “bits” with an Akubra hat. Wendy said she’d be doing the same but instead of the hat she’ll use “a mahogany sideboard!”

Wendy introduced each of the six comedians featured in the Comedy Show. Bruce Griffiths brought the house down with his comments about Telstra:

“Telstra rang and wanted to know why I hadn’t paid my account. I said I’ve placed it in a queue. They said you can’t do that and I said I just had!”

Where have all the Celebrity Chefs come from?

Bruce added he missed the days when Colonel Sanders was the only Celebrity Chef because: “He knew when to shut up about a recipe!”

Well-known comedian, Peter Berner, came on and told the audience he’d turned 56 a few days ago so he was starting to feel right at home at a ‘Seniors’ Comedy Show.’ He went on to talk about how surprised we may have been after the Royal Commission into the banks: “You find out the banks are bastards – who knew? Didn’t that take us by surprise! There are bankers in Nigeria looking at this and saying to themselves – I wouldn’t do that!”

Tommy Dean’s witty insights

Raised in Arizona but a resident of Sydney for the past 21 years, Tommy Dean finished off the morning’s comedy with his usual witty insight. He said he’d just turned 50 so now he felt like he was talking to his parents’ younger friends.

He added: “You see the light rail construction out the front of the Town Hall here. As I came in I realised by the time they finish it, I’ll be coming here as part of the audience!”

Tommy went on to talk about the joust for top position between Coles and Woollies: “I love the war between Coles and Woollies. You – like me – simply shop at the one that’s closest to your house. I shop at Woollies because it’s closer. The only way I’m going to start shopping at Coles is if they ring me up and tell me they’ve built a Coles in my backyard!”

He added: “Did you know there are some people who actually pay for grapes? I’ve been putting them in the baby seat for years and eating them and they’re totally free!”

Other comedians, Rebecca De Unamuno, Mick Meredith and Dave Williams, all did their routines and a great morning of comedy was enjoyed by a packed Town Hall of seniors.

Today’s Comedy Show is all part of the NSW Seniors Festival from 13th – 24th February. To find out more about all the events on, visit here: https://www.seniorsfestival.nsw.gov.au/events/find-an-event.

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