Emilyn Ron

Emilyn embodies the role of Healthcare Manager with unparalleled dedication and expertise within NurseWatch. With a blend of compassion and clinical acumen, Emilyn serves as a beacon of support for clients navigating their healthcare journey. Her role extends beyond traditional nursing duties, as she meticulously orchestrates personalised care plans, coordinates appointments, and ensures seamless communication […]

Pamela Connellan

Pamela is the Communications Officer at NurseWatch, where she’s an important link between NurseWatch and the public. As a journalist, she has a keen eye for detail and is able to communicate what NurseWatch offers, using a multitude of communication channels — both internally among staff and externally with clients, partners and the community.

Jenny Lynch

Jenny has more than 30 years nursing experience with her recent interests in working in the busy recovery unit in day hospitals. Jenny is available via our Care and Social services to provide support for clients pre/post day surgery.

David McLeod

M.Mus (AIM), Dip Ed St (CoT, Lond); Certified Buteyko Breathing instructor With over 30 years of experience, David is an educator, musician and artist who combines his talents and practice to provide care in many intersecting ways. As a certified Buteyko Breathing instructor and professional singer and musician, David specialises in harnessing the power of […]

Jerson Cruz

As the DEI Officer, Jerson embodies a commitment to fostering a culture of belonging and respect within the NurseWatch community. With his compassionate workmanship and dedication to inclusion, Jerson plays a pivotal role in NurseWatch’s mission to provide exceptional care to patients and cultivate a workplace that celebrates diversity in all its forms.

Shannon Chin

Shannon specialises in helping people build healthy brain function using Cognitive Stimulation Therapy to protect against cognitive decline. She recognises the importance of exercising and keeping the brain healthy, sharp and active because it means being able to continue to have the capacity to make decision even at an advanced age, as well as continuing […]

Vicki Vandenhurk

Vicki has been a Registered Nurse for over 30 years and is passionate about ensuring that the older person is comfortable and happy in the later stages of life. Vicki is also a qualified Naturopath and Yoga Instructor, and is available to be booked for these services through our Wellness packages. She is highly skilled […]

Wendy Middleton

Wendy Middleton is a qualified nutritionist with an Advanced Diploma of Nutritional Medicine. Wendy takes great pride in providing a bespoke personal solution to your health goals by delving into your current eating patterns, health status and symptoms, medical history, family history and lifestyle. Your treatment plan comprises of “Foods to Include” & “Foods to […]