David McLeod


M.Mus (AIM), Dip Ed St (CoT, Lond); Certified Buteyko Breathing instructor

With over 30 years of experience, David is an educator, musician and artist who combines his talents and practice to provide care in many intersecting ways. As a certified Buteyko Breathing instructor and professional singer and musician, David specialises in harnessing the power of the breath to positively affect the body and mind. With practical and achievable tools that stand alone or in combination with music and art therapies, and guided meditations, David’s inclusive practice will diminish anxiety, help treat dysfunctional breathing and improve communication skills for the healthy and infirm alike. His practice is very flexible to the needs of each person, no matter their age or ability. David strives to increase the accessibility of his methods and expand the diversity and inclusivity of his practice at every opportunity.

He speaks conversational mandarin.

David McLeod

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