You can still sail the high seas with M Yachts at your side


You’d be surprised by the number of unpredictable situations you can encounter while sailing the world. Thankfully, NurseWatch has partnered with M Yachts Life to give you the reassuring option of taking a Registered Nurse with you on your cruise who is trained to keep you healthy and address any unforeseen health concerns as soon as they arise, so that you can create spectacular memories with your loved ones on your own global luxury yacht cruise without any health concerns will be .

Experience the quality of a luxury cruise anywhere you choose

Where can you go on your luxury yacht cruise? M Yachts can take you to an amazing range of exotic islands including the Maldives, the stunning harbours of Asia or to the Mediterranean and beyond. It’s all up to you…

M Yachts was created from the passion the M Yachts team has for the ocean. They wanted to be able to provide the public with a globally accessible luxury yacht experience for anyone, anywhere. 

As they say themselves: “Our ever-growing portfolio and expansion of new regions offer a rich list of experiences in the exotic islands of Maldives, stunning harbours of Asia, to the Mediterranean and beyond.”

“Today, we are proud to work with outstanding partners around the world to provide our tech-savvy clientele an extensive range of luxurious yachts for charter. Yacht owners, charterers and clients just like yourself can easily connect through our platform for a more convenient charter process.”

M Yachts works hard to ensure that all of its partners are able to experience the quality of an M Yachts cruise. When you go to the M Yachts site, you’ll see it’s carefully curated with the M Yachts promise of quality and you can rest assured as you browse the platform with full confidence. You’ll be able to create spectacular memories with your loved ones, and discover luxury yachting as only M Yachts – and now NurseWatch – know it. As they say: “We promise nothing else will ever come close.” 

The yachting company emphasises they choose their partners with careful scrutiny so they can be sure they’ll be able to deliver their promise of quality, flexibility and excellence. NurseWatch is very proud to be a partner.

Be inspired by our photo of this stunning cruise ship – Astarte. 

This is a traditional Greek custom-built vessel which combines the elegance of the past with modern interior and facilities. Her high level of craftsmanship is truly fascinating and allows guests to enjoy the art of sailing while onboard. She offers plenty of spots for relaxation and calls for a unique sailing experience.

How to book

To create your cruise of a lifetime, contact the M Yachts concierge team here:

To discuss your specific onboard care & health support requirements, call NurseWatch on +61 2 9331 3344 or email

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Photo by Aaron Andrew Ang