Continual measurement of outcomes

As part of our commitment to delivering quality home care services we continually measure the following outcomes as part of our quality and assurance processes: Quality ObjectivesThrough effective management, NurseWatch will aim to achieve the following quality objectives:• The clients of the organisation can remain in their own home• Clients are consulted about what service […]

Palliative Care. The art of living and dying well.

Living a healthy and happy life that brings you joy is as much a gift as is dying well. Naturally we focus on living and don’t associate living with our final days. However, Kate Spurway, founder of NurseWatch wants to challenge our thinking for good so that we can embrace the concept of dying well […]

Dealing with family illness

Published by HelloCare on July 22nd 2019 Receiving a diagnosis of a serious illness in the family can be devastating. Obviously, for the person concerned there might be suffering, and uncertainty and fear about outcomes. For family, concern for their loved one, coupled with the prospect of taking on the responsibility of caring for them, […]

The ‘sandwich generation’ Caring for your parents and your kids

Republished from HelloCare May 22nd 2019: Changing demographics and social norms in Australia have given rise to a new phenomenon: the ‘sandwich generation’ – those caught between caring for their own children as well as their ageing parents. Parents are choosing to start their families later. The fertility rate for women aged 35-39 has more […]

You can still sail the high seas with M Yachts at your side

You’d be surprised by the number of unpredictable situations you can encounter while sailing the world. Thankfully, NurseWatch has partnered with M Yachts Life to give you the reassuring option of taking a Registered Nurse with you on your cruise who is trained to keep you healthy and address any unforeseen health concerns as soon […]