HEALTHY CONVERSATIONS: The 8 key benefits of a professional massage


We all know we feel better after we have a massage. As well as alleviating any pain or stiffness we may have, we find we have a greater sense of calm and a spring in our step after a professional massage. But why is this so? There are some very real reasons why we feel this way.

A professional massage is a bona fide therapy which produces physical and mental changes to your benefit. As we get older, it’s definitely a great therapy to take advantage of in your aged care program. Sometimes it’s good for the carer of an older person to book themselves in for a massage!

As well as many other benefits, studies have found a professional massage can improve: headaches; depression; anxiety; back pain; insomnia; arthritis; high blood pressure; chronic pain and constipation – to name a few. If you have a disability, are currently undergoing wound treatment or post-surgery treatment – you’ll always find a massage will help lift your spirits. You can read more here.

At NurseWatch, we have qualified Massage Therapists available who can give you a remedial massage as part of a Wellness session. You can book in here.

Here’s our list of the 8 key benefits you’ll gain from a professional massage:

1. A massage helps correct a problem with your body

A professional therapist will assess your body and design an individual treatment plan for you when you see her. They will use specific techniques to help you with any injury you may have or any problems you have with joints. As well, she’ll work on improving your circulation, reducing any pain and bringing a sense of general well-being to you through the therapy of massage.

2. Reduction of stress hormones

One of the most notable effects of massage is a noticeable reduction in stress and a greater feeling of calm and relaxation. This comes about because the massage reduces emotional and physical stress and this in turn reduces your levels of stress hormones such as cortisol, adrenaline and norepinephrine. The relaxation from the massage also brings on the release of endorphins and these wonderful chemicals make us feel good. Both the reduction in stress hormones and the release of endorphins are greatly beneficial to our health.

3. Boosts your immune system

Because a massage reduces the stress hormones in your blood and increases the endorphins, this gives your immune system a chance to work more efficiently. As well, when you have a massage the circulation of your blood is increased and this improves your lymphatic drainage and this will also boost your immune system. Everyone should be looking for ways to look after their immune system because it is so important to our overall health.

4. Release tension and pain in your muscles

When you see a professional massage therapist you’ll notice they use special massage techniques to stretch and elongate your muscles. A good massage therapist will usually focus on the parts of your body which are stiff, injured or sore for some reason. By increasing the blood flow to the tissues in these areas, the stiffness will be reduced and so the pain is usually reduced. At the same time, the increased circulation will help eliminate toxins and oxygenate the cells.

5. Improves a variety of health issues

Studies have found a regular massage improves quite a number of health issues. These include: headaches; depression; anxiety; back pain; insomnia; arthritis; high blood pressure; chronic pain and constipation.

6. Improved posture

If you have some particular areas – often in your lower back or your shoulders – where you seem to store a lot of tension, massage can help relieve this tension and at the same time improve your posture. If you sit for long periods each day, your lower back can tend to tighten up but a well-trained massage therapist can relieve this by lengthening the muscles and balancing your body so your posture rectifies automatically. As your posture becomes more natural you’ll be less likely to ‘pull’ your muscles in your back in the wrong way, which will keep you healthier overall.

7. Joints will become more mobile

When a massage therapist releases the tension around your joints, the range of movement in the joint can be increased. When a joint is no longer hampered by stiffness, muscle function can return and the joint will become easier to move.

8. Improved skin tone

Massage can help improve your skin tone. It does this by increasing circulation and reducing tension in the skin. Increased circulation of the skin has been found to help cell regeneration. As well, massage stimulates sebum production and so your dry skin will become more supple and soft.

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