Emilyn Ron

Emilyn embodies the role of Healthcare Manager with unparalleled dedication and expertise within NurseWatch. With a blend of compassion and clinical acumen, Emilyn serves as a beacon of support for clients navigating their healthcare journey. Her role extends beyond traditional nursing duties, as she meticulously orchestrates personalised care plans, coordinates appointments, and ensures seamless communication […]

Jenny Lynch

Jenny has more than 30 years nursing experience with her recent interests in working in the busy recovery unit in day hospitals. Jenny is available via our Care and Social services to provide support for clients pre/post day surgery.

Vicki Vandenhurk

Vicki has been a Registered Nurse for over 30 years and is passionate about ensuring that the older person is comfortable and happy in the later stages of life. Vicki is also a qualified Naturopath and Yoga Instructor, and is available to be booked for these services through our Wellness packages. She is highly skilled […]