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Published by The Carousel on 13th September 2018

New aged care service NurseWatch is pioneering aged-care-wellness to maintain optimum health and happiness for the 75+ market. NurseWatch has set its sights on shaking up the aged care industry – and that includes how its visually presented. Here, the founder Kate Spurway shares her remarkable journey with The Carousel.

Kate Spurway, NurseWatch Founder, Shares Her Journey

The creation of NurseWatch was inspired by the unexpected loss of my mother and the monumental impact this had on my beautiful Dad who, although not very old, was completely dependent on my Mum. At this stage, I had over 20 years’ working as a Registered Nurse but it was after this personal experience that I realized the need for providing more than traditional nursing care for the aged. I saw the need to relieve the emotional stress on family members who suddenly find themselves as primary caregivers and cannot afford, or do not want to commit their loved ones to an institution.

My personal experience dovetailed with the release of the Australian government initiative to move 80% of aged care in the home by 2050 and changing social attitudes toward ageing and aged care.

Australia is experiencing a paradigm shift in aged care.

The Australian population aged 65 and older is increasing. We are living longer and our care needs are changing. The baby boomer generation is the first in history to witness their parents ageing into their 80s and 90s. Driven by high expectations around lifestyle, relationships, physical appearance, technology, and wellness this generation will ensure they do old age differently from their parents. Because we place equal emphasis on the emotional care of the families of our aged clients we form close relationships with their primary carers who tend to be the daughters and daughters-in-law.

Recognising that the ageing baby boomer market intend to keep looking and feeling attractive, NurseWatch launches this week with an image campaign inspired by international fashion houses such as Celine (Joan Didion), Swarovski (Maye Musk), Karen Walker and Dolce & Gabbana who are using models aged 70+.

NurseWatch is an affordable, premium aged-care-at-home service. What makes us different is that we have pioneered an ‘aged care wellness’ approach which places equal emphasis on care, wellness, and social interaction.  By merging premium nursing care with wellness and enjoyable social experiences within the comfort of the home or community NurseWatch creates an ideal environment for the well-being and health of our clients to flourish.

The NurseWatch system allows you to book as much or as little care as you need so that care becomes more affordable than conventional services with the focus on quality over quantity. NurseWatch’s continuum of care model provides the opportunity for regular wellness sessions such as yoga, mindfulness, kinesiology, nutrition, and massage provided by experienced Registered Nurses accessed via an intuitive online booking process that provides instant and unlimited access to quality care within the comfort of the home, around the clock. Nurses form close, ongoing relationships with clients, giving them the opportunity to monitor health and general well-being over the course of the relationship. NurseWatch aims to initiate the care process earlier on to not only enhance positive living experiences but to prevent future health and mobility problems.

We trialed NurseWatch last year and we are now available in Sydney and Melbourne with plans for the national launch early 2019. Connect with us at

The Carousel would like to thank Kate Spurway, NurseWatch Founder.