Initial Meeting and Health Assessment

In order for NurseWatch to tailor and manage the best level of care and support for you and your loved ones – our team will undertake an initial consultation to assess and evaluate day-to-day life, physical and medical needs, social and wellness requirements, as well as the environmental and safety elements of the surrounds.

This initial health consultation will allow our team to thoroughly assess and prepare a summary of recommendations for care. This information will enable us to co-ordinate and manage the services most needed to ensure optimal comfort and convenience for you and your family. In order to maintain the best possible quality of life, our team will assist with not only care but also appointments, outings, wellness, emotional well-being and support wherever needed.

NurseWatch understands that everyone is unique and therefore requires personalised care and management to suit their individual situation. We are committed to being a diverse and inclusive organisation whose staff are carefully selected for demonstrating an understanding and care of all communities and situations. If preferred, NurseWatch can provide a LGBTQI specialised concierge for this initial meeting and assessment.

NurseWatch has been awarded the Rainbow Tick of approval as acknowledgement of its excellent suite of policies and procedures that have been developed with the safety and inclusion of the LGBTQI community in mind.

*$300 of fee will be redeemable on first service booked. This offer excludes Hospital in the Home, Wellness and On Call Service Offerings.

The comprehensive Initial Meeting and Health Assessment includes the following at your location of choice:

  • KSCAr Cognitive Assessment including analysis summary and recommendations depending on the client’s cognitive state
  • Mini Nutritional Assessment, Barthel Index, Hearing Handicap Inventory – Screening Version (HHIE-S), FROP, Mini Nutritional
  • Meaningful Ageing Australia CONNECTo Program
  • Quality of life indicators – including review at 12 weeks
  • Meaningful engagement/goal plan
  • Bespoke duties list (live document)
  • WHS in the home checklist
  • Carer’s assessment
  • Consent form
  • Communication framework
  • Completed appropriate evidence-based clinical assessments
  • Letters of introduction to Pharmacist, GP and  Significant Stakeholders involved in care
  • Confirm date and time of family conference with GP
  • Home medications review
  • Introduction of appropriate staff
  • 1-month roster
  • Review of staff at 4 weeks
  • Execution Terms of Engagement
  • Access to WiSE Emergency services, Sydney